Relationship difficulties
Low self-esteem
Emotional & sexual abuse
Eating disorders
Life changes
Feelings of isolation


Will counselling make me feel better?
Being really listened to, accepted & understood can help most of us feel better.

How do I know what I say remains confidential?
The conversations between client and counsellor remain confidential under the BACP code of ethics to which I work.

There may be exceptions to this if a client or others were considered to be at risk or harm and I explain more about this aspect of confidentiality at our first meeting.

How do I choose a counsellor?
It is wise to choose someone qualified, a member of a professional body and most importantly someone you feel you can trust and talk to.

How much will it cost?
The cost of counselling can vary. It is important to establish how much you will be paying before entering into a mutual contractual agreement.

My fees are:
From £35 for a 50 minute individual counselling session.
From £55 for a 60 minute couples counselling session.
Children and family rates on request.

How long would I need to have counselling?
It would largely depend on your situation. Often a period of 6-12 weeks can make a significant difference. After the initial consultation I would seek your agreement to enter into a 6 week, 3 month or ongoing contract. An agreed time-frame can help to keep focused on your goals and expectations as well as assist you with budgeting for your therapy. However I believe the right pace for a client is more important than running to a timetable so would review our work at regular intervals. Everybody is different!

What if I am not happy with the counsellor after we first meet?
Our first meeting is an opportunity for you to make an assessment if you feel we could work together and the choice is yours to decide if you wish to continue. Your relationship with your counsellor is important and is key to resolving problem issues. If you are unsure, it is a good idea to try one or more different therapists and then choose.

Remember, it is you who is the client.